Terms for cancelling and payments :

B-cottage and C-cottages: in case the reservation is cancelled later than 14 days before arrival or client doesn’t arrive on the place client is fully charged. A-cottages and midsummer reservations are charged fully beforehand. Reservation is confirmed with credit card. Cancelling must be always done written or by sending email manamansalo@kainuunmatkailu.fi. Cancelling comes into effect when the information from cancelling arrives. Manamansalo camping area can cancel reservation in case of force majeure. Thus the client has the right to have back full payment from the reservation. Payments are not payed back if reservation is discontinued due to disrupting behavior of the client.

Terms for reservation:

Welcome to Manamansalo!

We ask You to meet the terms of reservation to make Your visit as enjoyable as possible. Registration is possible 15.00-20.00 (3pm-8pm) or at appointed time. Outregistration is always before 12.00 o’clock.

It is not possible to have extra beds for cottage. Pets are welcome with beforehand agreement. All interior spaces are smoke free. Accepted payments: cash, bank card, VISA card. Person making reservation must be over 18 years old adult. Use of linen is obligatory and visitors can either use their own linen or ask linen and towels for separate price. Additional wash of linen is charged. It is not allowed to exceed bed place limits of cottages and amount of persons must be informed when making the reservation. Fests and other occasions when person limit exceeds temporarily must be informed beforehand. Bringing of tents and caravans on the cottage yard is forbitten. Visitors are responsible for replacing their own damages and breaks. Possible damages must be informed to the owner of camping area.

Visitors are asked to check the condition and amount of tableware when arriving and leaving.  Visitors are responsible for cleanness of cottages during their visit and cleaning of the cottage before leaving. Cleaning includes washing of the tableware and organizing furniture to their original places. Rugs and linen are aired putside. Floor and tables are vacuumed and sweeped with damp wipe, toiled is cleaned. Litter and empty bottles/ cans are taken to garbage collection/recycle. Cleanness of yeard and grill must be checked. Separately charged cleaning service can be asked when making the reservation. Cleaning service does not include washing and organizing of tableware and taking litter to garbage collection. Rented linen and towels are left piled on bed. Visitor is responsible to compensate defective or undone cleaning/ smoking inside the cottage to the owner of the camping area. All damage and defect in cottages must be informed to the owner and without notifications cottage is suspected to be in order.

Reservation is not payed back in case of leaving before the end of the renting time. The owner of the camping is not responsible for allergies and other complications caused by smoking or animal dandruff. Lost and found items are kept two weeks and they can be looked for in reseption. Payments from sending the items belong to receiver. Visitors are committed to read the instructions of resort and follow all the rules and regulations. Acting against regulations causes danger and liability for damages to the visitor.

More information and details can be asked in tel. 08 874 138.

Manamansalon leirintäalue
Teerinimentie 156, 88340 Manamansalo